IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights.  It’s aim is to protect the interest of the intellectual skills and the property which is derived from their intellect such as Inventions, Trademarks, Literary works, Musical works, Artistic, Dramatic works, etc.,

The person who the invented or created an object thru their invention, they are having the protection under the Intellectual Property Laws either by way of long and continuous usage or thru registering their Intellectual property in the respective forum as established under the Intellectual Property Laws in India.

In India, we have Copyright Act 1957, Patent Act 1970, Trademarks Act 1999, Geographical indication Act, Semi-conductor chips Act, and few more Acts are there for protecting the Intellectual Properties of the individuals.

Victory Law Associates has been fighting for the protection of the Intellectual Property rights of the individuals, Partnership Firm, Companies, or any Industries, etc.,